We re confident about writing code in Microsoft technologies (VB.NET and C#). Our .NET Engineers are trained in ASP.Net and ASP.NET MVC, Core to handle the needs of today’s business. Also are expert in Design / Development / Migrations / Database Consultancy.

Web Design

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Apps Migrations

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Database Consultancy

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We sell a virtual placement service. We provide and setup virtual, dedicated, offshore employees for your projects. They work only for you for as long as you want. Once you are done, you let them go. Simple, fast and efficient.
Our agile methodology helps you minimize risk and maximize ROI by adapting softwares to your business goals and customers’ requirements.
Hiring with The 92 Logics is an easy process. Regardless the size of the project, starting your own development team of skilled developers is a simple 3 steps process.
92 logics knows what works. Other companies make you believe they know what they are doing, but their service quality is revealed once the work starts.
There are number of multi-skilled developers working for The 92 Logics. Our costs allow you to save over 60% of in-house costs and still have control over your virtual staff. .

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Our Projects

Merit Wealth - Australia


Knowledge Shop - Australia


Data Recovery Services - USA


Walmart - Australia